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Saturday Sun

I think we throw Jeff Buckley comparisons about at an unjustifiably high rate. We’re all so desperate to give new life to a talent that no one really had time to appreciate before it was taken from the world. What I feel many people forget though is that Buckley was more than just a voice; the vocal gymnastics would have been hollow without the breathy, ethereal mystery that Buckley conveyed not just through his delivery but every ounce of his character as well. We’re constantly reminded of this by the relentless arrogance and abuse of power that singers like Matt Bellamy assault us with, ignoring the subtleties and restraint that birthed their style in the first place. Saturday Sun however are probably the closest I’ve come to hearing someone who deserves the comparison.

They combine the vocal control and almost choir like melodies of Buckley with humble 70s folk style compositions. These tracks are enhanced heavily by subtle reverb soundscaping moving them into the field of contemporaries like Bon Iver but maintaining an organic sound that owes a lot to the godfather of it all, John Martyn.

To summarise, Saturday Sun are amazing and Matt Bellamy’s a right twat.

Did I tell you they’ve got a new album coming? Comment!



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