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I genuinely believe that Anthony Fantano is one of the most influential, independent taste makers active at the moment. His continued efforts to cover music he loves means hes uncovered some gold that wouldn’t have been touched by conventional outfits. I’m almost certain that to this day I would never have heard Milo without Anthony’s blessing and more recently it was revealed that his praise of Young Fathers was a large part of the reason they got signed to Anticon. Even when you ignore my intense hero-worshiping, it’s hard to deny his impact.

The latest act who he’s been championing are experimental hip-hop outfit ‘Clipping’ who were recently signed to Sub-Pop and It wouldn’t surprise me to find that Fantano’s praise was a driving force behind this. Along with acts like Death Grips, Clipping are another act that are labelled with the hip-hop tag only because it’s probably as close as you can get to describing this. The beats (and again I use that term loosely) are just a collection of field recordings, chopped and distorted into something with a vague pulse maybe with a bar of synths every couple of minutes. Its an eerie but unique sound that fuses well with a flow and delivery that sounds straight off a Def Jux release. Whist I don’t think their sound has been truly realised yet, there’s definitely something going on with Clipping that means they’re worth keeping an eye on.

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