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Beta Blocker and The Body Clock – Ylang Ylang

I saw Danny Brown Tuesday night which means as well as spending the last few days trying to stop my brain sliding out my ears, i’ve been listening to wild amounts of hip hop. It took something pretty damn impressive to get me off trap beats and back on guitars for today’s article but Beta Blocker and the Body Clock have got something about them and it’s not just their ridiculous name (although that always helps).

If you’re first thought when you hear Ylang Ylang isn’t The Stone Roses you should probably listen to more music. It’s hard to ignore the shuffling ‘Waterfall’ groove and shimmering Squire licks but that’s not to say they are just another Manc cover band. There’s a certain infectious quality to its unashamedly pop leads that give it the pulse of a glossy synth-pop track but with scathing lo-fi sensibilities thrown in the mix. It’s a combination that, with the right hook in place, could lead to them producing a proper underground anthem which will probably also have a ridiculous name.

Was anyone else at Danny Brown by the way? Comment!



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