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Speedy Ortiz – No Below

Today something rare is happening; I’m actually following up on a band. Yes this means i’ve actually repeatedly been listening to this artist instead of scimming a throwaway single before discarding it somewhere deep within my search history along with a mountain of Game of Thrones plot spoilers and that video of Grimes and Steve Buscemi (which I might have to retrieve actually).

Since I talked about their song ‘Taylor Swift’, Speedy Ortiz have been picked up by Carpark Records, home of acts like Toro y Moi and Cloud Nothings, for their debut album and after the latest single i’m both excited and frustrated at what is going to be another inevitable bank balance hit. ‘No Below’ couldn’t be further from the power pop hook fest that was ‘Taylor Swift. It slow burns with it’s heavy swinging groove before hitting it’s final lulling crescendo, a lazy fury of tremolo picked guitars and crashing drums. It’s a brave approach to take for a single but one that shows that they could produce an LP with some real depth.

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