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Modern Hut – History

I’m painfully bad when it comes to ignoring lyrics. All too often my ears do not even attempt to register the words that drift in until about a fifth listen and it’s only at that point I realise I should probably stop listening to (insert band with awful lyrics here). That’s not to say I don’t appreciate lyricism though. More than often, when the lyrics do hit home they become the most important part of the song for me. Artists like Fiona Apple can have me blubbing at even the vaguest sentiment and Rivers Cuomo used to write lyrics that I would have been penning on my arm in class had I not raised myself on a diet of funk and jazz (yeah I was that kid) and I haven’t even touched on jokers like Danny Brown and Action Bronson. And yet all too often I completely ignore lyrics.

Sometimes though, lyrics are unavoidable. From the second Modern Hut’s Joe Steinhardt begins his monotonic speech I had to take notice; when a voice is that wonderfully bad, its probably going to be saying something important. Joe muses on modern life, dishing out cynical tid-bits such as;

“When I woke up I saw a nation, of overnight sensations/ Where irony was currency,”

Comparisons to the tortured king of anti-folk Daniel Johnston are inevitable and so they should be, they both make beautifully flawed music. Now, maybe we can try get Kanye West to wear a Modern Hut tee shirt…

Do you listen to the lyrics? I bet you do…you look like the sort. Comment



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