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Jesse James (Solomon)

I  had planned to start this article with the usual ‘im not much of a fan of UK hip hop’ but then, after realising i’d started every single article i’d done on a UK hip hop artist this way, assumed you’d probably got that message already. If not the gist is that I don’t really like UK hip hop.

Having said that Jesse James or Solomon (you can’t have two names you silly bugger) is another UK spitter taking a far more left-field approach than what seemed to exist on these shores till a few years back. Having heard him originally on a track by Irish up and comer Rejjie Snow, Jesse James adopts an even more smoked-out drawl, literally mumbling assonance laden phrases with syllables so sludgy they begin to stick together and turn each line into a shapeless cosmic-slop. With a delivery this out-there, i’d like to have heard Jesse take a few more risks on the production but maybe as time passes and contacts are made we could hear some really ground-breaking collaborations. And if nothing else I’ve probably got enough reason now to stop bitching about UK hip hop but, given my problems starting articles I wouldn’t count on it.

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