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Algernon Doll

The only Scottish person I know is called Ewan Grant. Algernon Doll is a Scottish Artist. His name is also Ewan Grant. From this I think it’s safe to assume that all Scottish people are called Ewan Grant. Infallible logic there ladies and gentlemen…

This particular Ewan Grant is continuing to confirm my suspicions that Scots make the best damn power-pop in Britain however that’s not to say Algernon Doll is in any way, all smiles. There’s a dark vein of misery that stops these tunes Teenage Fanclubbing too hard and as you peel back the layer’s you soon realise that the thick instrumentation is just to hide the fact that there is a painfully honest and deeply troubled songwriter trapped under the weight of his word’s. I think the nearest comparison I can conjure is to Heatmiser, the band fronted by none other than than the god of gloom Elliot Smith. Who knew the land of Ewan Grants could sound so dark.

I think I might have to go to Scotland soon to test my theory? Comment!



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