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Strange U – Klaatu Barada Nikto

Yesterday Vibe posted an article on ‘10 U.K rapper’s about to blow‘. In fact you may want to just cut out the middle man and read that instead. It’ll be much better written and researched and it even has flash animation to transition between pages. How am I supposed to compete with that? It’s fine go read their website. Go on off you go…

To those that remain- I LOVE YOU.

Many of the faces that popped up I had already discovered in the previous months. Artists like Hawk House were found a while back and smooth flowing ‘Jesse James’ was featured just a few days ago. I had never heard of ‘Strange U’ before. Without a even a trace of Grime influence, Strange U tears through a 3 minute hardcore hip-hop headbanger reminiscent of the early 90’s gritty street sound of Wu Tang and Mobb Deep but with a synthesised sci-edge that sounds like El-P handled the beat. Strange U injects a shot of passion into a Mr. MFN eXsquire esque heavy-hitter flow, stacking rhymes with a reassuringly predictable agility. There’s even a glimmer of DOOM-like insanity through the bizarre referencing. So yeah to sum up you should probably all start reading ‘Vibe’…

Why are you still here when you could be reading Vibe? Comment!



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