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Hibou – Dunes EP


Hey remember when people started believing that cool-dude lo-fi production was an excuse for awful songwriting and now we’re 8 years into a mountain of unimaginative songs about sitting on beaches recorded through microphones that may or may not pre-date Jesus. Yeah do you remember that? Seriously that amount of bands that think it’s alright to make awful songs as long as it sounds like Guided By Voices recorded them is annoying to say the least.

Fortunately Hibou’s dreamy brand of surf pop is enhanced by lush guitars and shiny synths – the sound of a guy who actually cares about making a good finished product. This is apparent as well through the thought behind some of the riffs and licks which are actually memorable, an unheard of feat these days. Hibou offer a more polished package to the surf sounds of acts like Bos Angeles, a sound that hopefully will make it’s way out of the surf and onto land (yes I really am making that analogy – RIP journalistic credibility, I hardly knew ya).

Where can I get that sweet corduroy cap? Comment?



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