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Calvin Love

I’m not usually a fan of the whole retro synth project thing. I mean I get whole kitsch appeal to the cute little bleeps and bloops but come on, there was a reason technology moved on – this stuff all sounds shit. But of course to say that is to ignore the fact that music is arguably one of the most self-referential and derivative creative industries in existence –  I mean fuck it if we’ve all run out of ideas we may as well just pilfer the past until we’re in 2015 experiencing that totally sweet 2014 revival period.

Anyway, wild rant aside (who knew I was so grumpy today), even I, captain cynical, find Calvin Love’s music rather endearing. I think it’s the subtlety with which the tiny pitter-patter of these prehistoric synths and drums scamper about that give these tunes a feel of personal celebration of the times these sounds were created, a feeling enhanced by the softly spoken vocals. A strong sense of melody helps to separate this from your standard bedroom project and whilst I still feel this is a project in it’s infancy, we all know how well Grimes has done recently.

Did I offend anyone? Comment!



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