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Gunwaif – Playgue

I honestly couldn’t tell you why I like the things I like. I spent all day today traversing through talented bands with well written songs which did absolutely fuck all to interest me. Then along comes, a dark, squelchy, indescribable lump of glitch pop and suddenly i’m all ears – being different really does pay off.

I don’t know who (or what or where or how or why) Gunwaif is but it certainly caught my ear. With a deranged take on the female lead synth-pop that Grimes and Purity Ring saw great success with last year, Gunwaif makes a song that truly sounds like the machines have taken over; The synths manipulate their human host through 3 minites of twisted, jerky bedroom-pop that sounds like a post-dubstep take on Crystal Castles. It’s a sound that manages to be completely alien yet wholly addictive; I for one welcome our new Synth Overlords.

Anyone know anymore about this project? Comment!



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