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Billy Woods

I feel that rapping, or anything vocal based really is an unfair game; you can spend years working on pitch, lyricism, delivery, breathing techniques and all kinds of tiresome chops that are ultimately rendered useless if no one likes the sound of your voice. No matter what you’re saying, sandpaper voices are always going turn the listener off. On the other end of the spectrum some voices are so commandingly bold in their delivery that it leaves the words as a mere afterthought. DOOM could be reading me a shopping list and i’d still probably listen (as long as Jneiro Jarel wasn’t producing it…).

Mysterious MC Billy woods has a snarling baritone that is quite frankly unavoidable. Every syllable turns your head with preacher-like authority. Lines refuse to be contained into easy patterns as rhymes stretch so late into bars you wonder if they’re ever going to come. All of this adds to the insistence with which these lyrics demand to be digested and they reward a deep listen. He’s got a new album or something out I think and this track aint on it…hey i’m not a search engine, do your own research.

I know for a fact he has better tracks than this as well – is it wrong that i’m too lazy to post them? Comment!



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