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MYSTYRYS – Normals

Guitar music almost never grooves. It’s written deep within the holy book of indie, right next to ‘thou shalt not use vowels’ that ‘thou shalt not groove’. MYSTYRYS break one of these rules.

Now when I say groove I don’t mean tidy pocket-jamming, i’m talking Dilla-rivalling neck snapping beats that sound like Zach Hill playing a Battles song. This combines with the shrieking psychedelia of the scratchy guitars and complete disregard for conventional song-structure and dynamics to form a sound that is reckless in it’s refusal to stay still. It kinda reminds me of Tera Melos with the pop dial rammed all the way up.

Thank you MYSTYRYS for allowing me to reference J Dilla and Tera Melos in the same article – I can tick that one off the list now…

Anyone caught them live? Comment!



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