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Sounds Like Sunset

I’m surprised more people aren’t taking influence from Dinosaur Jr. and their bittersweet college optimism at the moment. We’re got Pavement revivalists and bands that are a couple of flannel shirts away from being on Sub Pop and yet people seem to be completely ignoring J Mascis and his particular collection of college rock staples.

Australia’s Sounds Like Sunset are unafraid to let their guitars do the talking and not with a gun-flexing, macho arrogance. There’s a swirling mass of emotional release as the searing lead lines meet the humble vocals, sweetly and shyly “speaking for a generation that can’t make up its mind”. I don’t know anything about this band and quite frankly I don’t want to for fearing of ruining the curious mix of nostalgia and hope this track delivers. Sometimes a song as great as this should just exist separate from the act who made it and stand alone as pure music. Although I might end up discovering this band are the coolest around and thus will completely disregard the previous statement – i’m fickle like that.

Anyone wanna start a Dino Jr cover band with me – I know one of their songs? Comment!



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