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Beach Vacation – I Saw You

Another Track Ripe for the Capturing, Beach Vacation.

Some bands just get it right. Whilst some scramble to collect their influences into a sound that keeps them all happy, often resulting in a useless heap of mixed messages and crossed wires, some bands come along with a clear idea of exactly how they want to sound and set about getting that right on the money. This is a feat that is made more impressive when the members of said band look young enough to make me wonder why I  spent my youth what were essentially poorly named Red Hot Chili Peppers cover bands when I could have being doing shit like this!

Beach Vacation are putting their youthful spin on the Captured Tracks stable’s sunny tones, enhanced immensely by the great lead lines and lush production. There’s a tingle of Two Door Cinema Club’s upbeat noodley pop to the licks that could see it’s appeal stretching further than just the usual suspects. Beach Vacation know exactly how they want to sound and do so with ease and style – I wonder if they even know how good they sound.

How old are these dudes? Comment!



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  1. Ages 16-18


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