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Danny Malone

The best thing about Folk music (and i’m using the term loosely here to pigeonhole all vaguely intimate, song-based music because blanket statements are every blogger’s best friends) is that the good stuff transcends genre-bias. From every end of the musical spectrum with Elliot Smith loving Doom Metal bands to the trap producers that still have a copy of Pink Moon hiding somewhere within their smoked-out mac lab, you can sure nearly everyone has got someone in their collection that plays a guitar and sings songs in their most basic form. And yet I can’t think of the last time a genuinely good folk artist cut through the musical landscape and filled the gap with it’s own unique sound.

Danny Malone lives in Texas and yet chose to record his album in a 16th century castle in Denmark which gives you some idea of the artist we’re dealing with. His voice is breezy and reassuringly American but carries with it a sticky coating of grief-stricken gravel which is a pretty good approximation of his sound. Alongside it’s indie flick ready, Shins-like gentleness it brings a darker turn that leaves the listener digging deeper into the twisted imagery of the lyrics. Will Danny fill the void and be the singer songwritery guy we’re all waiting for at the moment? Who cares – he recorded his album in a castle, why haven’t you bought it yet?

Y’all like folk right? Is this even folk? AM I FOLK? Comment!



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