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Violent Soho

This band deserves a far better write up than the one i’m about to give it but any press is good press, even the kind of lazy non-press im about to bless this lucky band with. I am in fact so un-motivated today that I thought I could try fill up most of this space with just telling you, in depth, about my weary bones. In doing this I will hopefully give the illusion of a meaty,well-constructed write up and in the process will only upset the maybe 2 or 3 people that actually read what I write instead of just looking at the picture and clicking straight on the soundcloud link.

So yeah rambling, space-filling intro aside, this band are great. They’re Australia and from what I can tell they seem to have a pretty damn big following out there; Australia really seems to get behind it’s artists from an early stage and I think its only so long before the growing mass of bands that are far more developed than their northern counterparts, get the boat over and come give us a good old kick up the ass (Insert link to video of that scene from The Simpsons here…). Violent Soho are heavy and not in a contrived pseudo-metal way; they drum up some genuinely passionate aggression with a hint of some Dinosaur Jr, College rock nostalgia. Hurry up and invade us Australia.

Did you read all that ey? DID YOU?! Comment!



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