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Well I’m gunna be honest, I kind of slept on Ty Segall the first time around. To remedy this I’m going to begin raging heavily about how his new band ‘Fuzz’ are the future of music and are gunna change everything until after 10 year long whirlwind of hype destroys everything we know about music, the smoke will clear all that will remain is this blog post and people will go “Yeah, that kid knew”.

This will almost definitely not happen but that does not mean that this isn’t great music.

Fuzz bring a slower, thicker groove to the screeching garage pop of his other stuff. It’s laden with chunky, Sabbath leads and grooving Mitch Mitchell esque drum beats. Yes it’s completely derivative but fuck it, if you’re reading this you probably weren’t about in the 60s/70s and if you were that makes you one of my treasured older readers – never leave me. Ultimately I can’t say much more than ‘THIS SHIT FUCKING ROX DOOD’ because that’s its purpose and it succeeds in doing so with every second – If you want to jam out to proto-metal stuff and kid yourself into feeling vaguely contemporary then you can’t get much better than this.

Hey older reader – tell me about the 60s bro? Comment



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