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Joanna Gruesome – Secret Suprise

A bunch of kids who met in an anger management class is about as cool a back story as you can have really and Joanna Gruesome’s new song really does feel like the continuing chapter of this narrative. Furious blasts of punk noise melt away into dreamy pop bliss in the schizophrenic sound of a band trying to wrestle with it’s own emotions and managing to bring a British spin on all those sacred cows of 80s hardcore. Its like a Riot Grrrl take on Hüsker Dü that re-imagines previous gods in a way that feels fresh, exciting and like it’s going to lead to a bright future for this bunch of angry Welsh folk.

Sorry for the overly gushy article – it’s so hot that I think I’ve convinced myself that i’m Micheal Azerrad…A really warm Micheal Azerrad with inferior facial hair and no glasses – The worst kind of Micheal Azerrad.

You warm? I’m warm. Comment!



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