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Gorgeous Bully

By pure chance I found this band online the same day they found this blog. Now what I was going to do was spin some wild narrative that plays us as star-crossed lovers and it was guna be some next level journalism shit with a plot to get you all really emotionally invested. I then realised that I’m not a good enough writer to have made that funny and proceeded to abandon the whole idea so here’s a standard article on a good band.

Gorgeous Bully are some Mancs that make dreamy little pop songs. There’s a real organic quality to the instrumentation that gives the songs a folk-like intimacy. It contrasts sweetly with the sharp, airy vocals and sounds like expansive dreamscapes trying their best to stretch themselves out beyond the 4 walls of someone’s bedroom but never managing to break through the humbleness of its home recording – it’s a cool contrast.

These guys and shit lot more really talented bands are playing the Art Is Hard birthday thing (GOOGLE IT) in August so I’ll be at that and you should be too so I can talk at you about how great my blog is and you can pretend to be interested. Sound good?

Who else is good in Manchester, I Don’t really cover many bands from there? Comment!



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