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I’m going all Songs of Praise on your ass today and covering Choral music. Yeah Choral music, a form of music that hasn’t been vaguely contemporary in probably a few millennia now and, in a way, that’s what made this submission so refreshing and, i’ll admit, surprisingly cutting edge.

Aphir is the acapella project of Becki who’s crystalline vocals graced this blog in the form of Gunwaif‘s robotic wonk. She’s now utilizing her voice in just about every way possible – stretched, chopped and looped, her voice is used to create an ethereal landscape over which she weaves her Beth Gibbons-like melodies, that sparkle with a bit of Bjork’s eccentricity. By taking a forgotten art-form and completely modernising it, Aphir creates a sound that’s far more revolutionary than what most acts are doing by taking a sound from a decade or two again and desperately trying to squeeze out some extra mileage with tired derivations. This is fresh and at present, very unique, a rarity these days.

Is anyone else making anything this angelic? Comment!



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  1. Indeed, ethereal and bursting with subtle yet sublime richness.


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