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Bearhug – Fireworks

As far as I can tell the ability of a music journalist is based on the breadth of their musical knowledge and the obscure and, maybe if their lucky, accurate comparisons this allows them to make. But often It’s nice to see a band that defies comparison, maybe not because of the sparkling originality of their sound but that to simply list who they sound would be completely ignoring the character they inject into said music.

Bearhug make sunny pop that is infused with an alarming amount of Brit-pop’s all-smiles chord sequences for an Australian band. Feather-light vocals barley penetrate the lush sounds of the guitars, that counter the vocal melody with acrobatic lines encased in a warm fuzz tone. It kinda sounds like The Shins covering Coffee and Tv. Yes I did say it would be insulting to compare this band to anyone and then proceeded to do it anyway but I am a bit of an asshole really.

Who do these guys sound like though? Comment!



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