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GDP & The Wrong Address

I haven’t featured any hip hop on this blog in time because frankly, there’s not been anything worth featuring. No one needs to hear another College Dropout indebted struggle-student spitting pseudo-intellectual lines over poorly constructed soul samples (mid-noughties fashion references included) or another wannabe drill-scene kid mumbling over trap beats – everyone knows you’ve gotta be from Chicago for that to be taken seriously…

GDP is a tad more abstract, sounding like a floatier Aesop Rock with a more palatable flow. This is an engaging 2 and half minites of story telling with the vocal intensity evolving with the songs movement, echoed in the morphing production with it’s varied instrumentation providing an organic, unfolding backdrop to this dank confessional. It’s an engaging take on the old Def Jux sound that provides a brief moment of relief from the barrage of emails i’m no doubt going to receive today that will be full of lectures on how J Cole is ‘Bringing back real hip-hop’. fun.

Can I get more decent hip-hop submissions please? Comment!



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  1. cool thanks for sharing!


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