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Chicks Who Love Guns – Pencil Neck

Most of the music featured on here is discovered through a combination of determination, luck and maaaaaaaad search engine skills. Apparently though, some music finds me as I found out today when I saw this video bookmarked with no recollection of how it got there. This is either some witchcraft shit or my sub-conscious has really good music taste.

Chicks Who Love Guns have a grungy, angular sound that crunches along with a doom-like plod. With the steady suspense of the verses I was praying for an absolute explosion by the time the chorus and hit and I probably should be more careful what I wish for because this nearly blew my head off. Shredded vocal chords tear through the mix, raining down with a reckless insanity that amps the already anthemic quality of this chorus up to screaming point. Chick Who Love Guns, I don’t know if you hacked my web-browser or something but you’re welcome in my bookmarks any day.

If anyone else wants to bookmark themselves on my browser go right ahead I Guess? Comment!



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