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Weaves – Motorcycle

Photo by Michael Chui

I like to think of myself as a fairly chipper fellow but fuck me I don’t half listen to some miserable music. On any given day you can expect to find me sweating out my angst in a storm of warm tears as some bloke whines about his personal issues in a mocking American snarl and very much enjoying myself. Either that or wondering how cinematic I can make myself look smoking a cigarette to an especially blue Miles Davis cut (the answer is not very). That’s why I think there’s something wrong with me today because i’m featuring a song which is above all else, fun.

Weaves make playful art-punk songs, that scamper along with a child like enthusiasm as a new riff a minute skips in only to dash out again to make room for a fresh keyboard lick or guitar ditty. This joyous swap-shop soundscaping is offset with some pleasingly bratty vocals that give a rebellious edge to the sound that lets the listener know that not all of this fun is entirely child-like. It kinda sounds like Wes Anderson made a punk song which apparently is something that has been very much missing from my life.

This is happy – does that mean i’m ill? Comment!



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