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DooF has a lisp. This is made abundantly clear by almost every blog i’ve seen this track featured on running this fact as the headline which is to completely ignore the fact that DooF would be a noteworthy MC based on his lyrical abilities alone. Settling nicely into the horde of DOOM disciples we’re currently being invaded by, DooF comes across like a dreamier Chester Watson and a less Irish Rejjie Snow (surprising right?) and I think his lisp gives him almost a genetic edge on his peers as his hissy pronunciation helps the syllables meld into one another while managing to remain surprisingly eloquent that reveals his Joey Bada$$ style lyrics, full of wit and double entendres. Ultimately, such is the fickle nature of the world, DooF’s lisp is always going to be a large part of his artistic persona (i’m no better, I managed to make this whole article about it) but with DooF, his lisp provides a unique selling point which will draw more attention to his rapping ability rather than functioning as a gimmick to hang a career off of.

Can y’all recomend me some decent upcoming rappers – there’s been a stark absence of good hip-hop on this blog recently? Comment!



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