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So in today’s post-internet music landscape, scenes, as well as mainly being journalistic works of fiction anyway, are dying out. There was that whole B-town thing which I think was just an NME prank that got wildly out of hand and there’s a underlying effort to tie New York acts as varied as Ratking and Flatbush Zombies together into some kind of coherent scene when I think, more than anything, there’s just a hell of a lot of good music coming out of NY at the moment. The only ‘Scene’ that’s really holding it’s own is Chicago and the whole ‘Drill’ thing. Chief Keef has slowly built his and his city’s profile over the last year or so culminating in his and King Louie’s high-profile appearances on Yeezus this year. The upside of it’s increasing popularity is that now journalists are scrambling to find Chicago’s ‘alternative voice’ to the dark homicidal sneers of the drill crew and they probably already have in the form of ‘Chance The Rapper’. However you can still be sure anyone trying something different in Chi-town is going to get noticed.

Lucki Eck$ is another impossibly young dude, whose just dropped a mixtape called Alternative Trap which, as well as having an intriguing enough name, has proved to be a surprisingly cohesive project. The tape features increasingly left field production choices which rarely bang or groove, instead just provide an ominous backdrop for Lucki’s slurred delivery. And that’s not to say this is just another half-baked Cloud Rap project, Lucki’s beat choices don’t fall into the usual hazy realms, instead borrowing from the Dill scene’s (and Chicago as a whole’s) deathly sense of foreboding to create a soundscape that is dark and mournful, it ends up sounding like an uncomfortably tense tour round the dystopian landscape – Blade Runner style. Lyrically Lucki rides a laid back, punch-line flow that reveals some lines with alot of thought and a fittingly dark sense of humour. As brilliant as Chance The Rapper is, Lucki Eck$ truly feels like he could give the definitive perspective on this city and if not, it’s at least another feather in Chi-town’s cap.

You dig? Go and stream the mixtape – I cant seem to embed it on here but it’s reaaaalll good! Comment!



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