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Victories At Sea

What you’re about to hear is going to be a lot more polished than the usual breed of gritty lo-fi bullshit i’m usually a fan of. This is partly because change is good but it’s mainly because I woke up in a grump and just thought i’d write about the first thing I found loitering in my bookmarks – and people say I don’t give this blog my all…

Victories at Sea are a break from Birmingham’s hot new style of indie-landfill, instead creating an engaging fusion of electronics and dark post-punk, kinda like a less 80s New Order. These guys have done a good job of not letting the electronics consume the sound and maintain a driving element of human energy that keeps the vast soundscape these guys manage to create (as a 3-piece?), pulsing along with an engaging momentum. Although this song falls on the bleaker side of melancholy, I still feel that there’s a huge crossover potential for this; it does after all kinda sound like Two Door covering an Editors song and Two Door, for better of for worse, seem to be have cracked Radio 1 like no other band of recent times.

How obvious is it that in a massive grump? Comment!



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