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Major Leagues – Endless Drain

There’s always been a place in my heart for little, tiny two minute pop songs. They cut the crap and never give themselves the chance to disappoint and, in a very welcome coincidence, they give me less to write about which is perfect because i’m actually a lot more hungover than I realised and as such can’t really be fucked to write much. This is becoming a worrying trend as I think maybe 4 of my last 5 articles have contained at least 100 words alluding for my journalistic laziness as each article is beginning to include far more information on my mental state that any music; Eventually each post is just going to become a 200 word personal journal entry with an attached soundcloud link…

But yeah right music!

Endless Drain by Major Leagues is a perfectly formed 2 minute Wavves-esque pop romp which is continuing to prove that Australia are much better at this than anyone else (See Dune Rats). The verses contain a memorably simple romantic sentiment delivered in a voice that sounds like a female version of Ex-Yuck singer Daniel Blumberg, gloriously bratty but never offensively sharp. The songs chorus builds up a slightly fuller, dreamier soundscape that sounds a bit like something off Big Deal’s latest offering which eventually gives way into a slower delivery of the verse hook. They’ve managed to cram everything you’d want from a song into this appetizer and I’m definitely looking forward to the main course (along with some more woefully unfunny food analogies like that one).

Do you like ’em short and sweet? Comment!



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