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Psyman & K.Raydio – Sirens

I know I spend most of my time on here bigging up your standard aspiring buzz bands but I do have a vaguely eclectic music taste as I am now going to attempt to demonstrate by talking about a soul song, something which I have no right to offer critical opinion on as I basically know nothing about the genre. My only hope is that whoever’s reading this knows as little as I do and is simply impressed by my use of 3 syllable words.

Sirens is filled with a wonderful contrast; You don’t often hear these kind of refined and almost classy soul lines on this kind of cut and chop production. The beat wonks and shuffles as Psymun manipulates the spliced up sample into a gritty post-dilla affair that drifts along with a joyfully breezy euphoria. It’s a production style I became familiar with through beat-smith Knxwledge and its rough edges give a more lifelike platform that really helps illuminate the human-soul that’s present in the vocals as opposed to some clinical studio project that has any trace of passion vacuumed out in the mixing process.

There you go, something that wasn’t a band. Due to the quality of my writing there I will no doubt be talking about bands again tomorrow.

You got soul? Comment!



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