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Moon Unit

So there was this band from Seattle that released an album this one time and then the world spent 20 years not shutting the fuck up about it. Seattle is always going to be synonymous with Kurt and the Gang, especially in the UK where the closest most people will come to actually experiencing it first hand is through the flannel-dressed mythology that lives on through Sub Pop and old copies of Spin magazine. It turns out though that there is actually a new underground scene brewing up there and this time the grunge is gone and in it’s place is a seedy, gothic-tinged hip-hop sound. This stuff is dark and not in the ‘Threat-of-death’ Chicago way but a more supernatural breed of sinister where you feel that perched on the rainy edge of America there’s a hip-hop horror film waiting to occur. Pigeons and Planes did a great article documenting some of the artist’s on the scene which, although tied together with the dark foreboding of the beats and lyrics have styles diverse as Malitia Malimob channeling their Somalian roots into their ‘Pirate Aesthetic’ (intriguing right?) to 3 piece ‘ILLFIGHTYOU’ threatening to suicide bomb Coachella!? I’ll leave you with Moon Unit who are taking Captain Murphy’s style of pitch-shifted ominousness and drugging it out into what sounds like a serial killer’s take on ‘Purple Swag’. There is definitely something to watch out for brewing in Seattle…

What else should I be listening to from Seattle? Comment!



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