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Tobias Jesso Jr. – Just A Dream

It’s comforting to see, that in this modern world we live in with all its technology and Kardashians, people still can get really excited over what is essentially a few chords, a few words and a melody to tie it all together. We all know everyone needs their angle to get noticed these days but wouldn’t there be a certain sense of justice in someone’s unique selling point being the fact that they write truly great songs; it’s a dream i’m sure but Tobias Jesso Jr could be the guy for the job.

Backed by nothing more than a piano that awkwardly phases in and out of tune, more than likely a result of tape recording, Tobias uses his Lennon-esque voice to gently recite some of the most eerily timeless sounding lyrics i’ve heard from a modern musician. Delivering little nuggets of pensive wisdom, Tobias ponders the world in a way that sounds both personal and completely universal without ever trying to sound deep or intelligent. It’s the simplicity that makes these lyrics resonate hard and in not trying to explain the world’s ills and downfalls they touch a nerve deep within the human condition. Unlike Louis he doesn’t claim to be living in a ‘Wonderful World’ and makes no excuses for mistakes of mankind and simply touches on the one thing he does know, love. This is an anthem. It’s not a revolutionary war-cry or the song that defined a generation but it’s a song that is so achingly human that it will bury itself deep within the heart of anyone who allows themselves to be overwhelmed and accept that maybe if we let it, the world can be as beautiful as Tobias Jesso Jr shows us it is.

Can you think of a more powerfully moving song to come out this year? Comment!



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  1. This is so absolutely spot on. This is precisely how I feel and how I have felt ever since I heard Tobias Jesso Jr. Great review.


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