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Winter – The View

It seems that these days the term ‘Dream-pop’ is more or less just another way of saying ‘lazily written music’. Most bands that are swept up into this genre feature the same shimmering guitar work (same 3 chords) and low-key vocal melodies (monotonous lyric-less mumbling) as each other and as a result just sound like the same band playing the same poorly written song with slightly varying levels of reverb and general nonchalance. That’s what makes it nice to hear a band giving this tag a bit of credibility by showing off some deep, melodically complex songwriting.

Boston based band Winter pepper their dense, shoegazey backdrops with delicate guitar melodies that stop their sound becoming a shapeless fog of noise. These lines meet with low-key but deceptively catchy vocals and subtle dynamic variations which, although never letting the song dip below its thick haze of volume, do manage to allow the song’s verses to tip-toe up to the tender explosion of the chorus. By actually remembering to write some songs underneath their blizzard of reverb, Winter have managed to create something that is engaging beyond its soundscaping credentials and might actually see the ‘pop’ part of this genre become more than just a dream (DO YOU SEE WHAT I DID THERE!? *Wins 1 Million Journalism points and retires to Cuba*).

Are Winter the ultimate summer band? Comment!



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