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Tree – Demons

When I found this song last night I was on a mission to find anything that gave me a sense of intrigue. Something more than just a band whose entire backstory can probably be worked out by the cut of their jeans or another former Rhianna fan girl trying to do something dark and edgy because she heard The Weeknd once.

What I found was an ambitious fusion of West-Coast beat scene style production with melodically charged vocals delivered with in assertive semi-rapped fashion. And i’m not talking Chance The Rapper style melodic raps, its a more conventional singing style than that but the deliberateness that every syllable is shot out it comes across with a more flowing nature that kinda sounds like Cage took singing lessons. As far as the actual structure of this project goes, It seems to be some form of art collective/media project style thing that is always going to seem like an attractive prospect to the press. I’m going to do some pseudo-investigative journalism to find out more but this is a great sound that has me wondering why people haven’t blended melody with Shlohmo/Shigeto style production in this way previously.

Can anyone give me the full lowdown on this project?



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