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Mornings – You

I’m a pretty impatient person so fittingly I like there to be a strong element of immediacy to my music. The perfect song for me is one that ambushes me, steals my phone and wallet, breaks at least half of my bones and is gone in just over two minutes; it doesn’t even need to be heavy music, Elliott Smith does this to me regularly with ‘Say Yes’. Some times though, and especially with more instrumental music, I allow myself more time to really get immersed into a soundscape.

Mornings, which is the moniker of some dude called Joe from America, is an experimental ambient beat architect that uses a wide array of samples and instruments to create a unique mark on a landscape where artists like Shlohmo and Teebs have already made a strong imprint. Similar to these producers, every sound used is cloaked in a very organic warmth giving the soundscape a more natural density where pitched up vocal samples are weaved into a tapestry of nature samples and light synths. All of this is kept interesting through a remarkable attention to detail that sees the beat and Thundercat style bass noodling subtly warp along with the changing sound collage it underpins. Overall its a sound that can be as upfront or ambient as the listener chooses but either way its a great listen.

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