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Parks, Squares and Alleys – Youth

Russia is hardly the first place that springs to mind when I start throwing out adjectives like dreamy and gentle. I know I often complain about the internet causing a complete lack of regionalisation in music but when It means a humble, solo slice of dream pop from Russia can amass over 20,000 views on Soundcloud and reach my ears in the UK it does all kinda make sense.

Parks, Squares and Alley’s utilizes a heavy backbone of weighty reverb guitars to underpin this song much in the way that Daughter do but rather than expanding on this with grandiose elements, Parks uses hazier guitar melodies and minimalist synthesised percussion to build his textures. It’s a well written song that manages to re-package a lot of the same ideas into something that avoids cliches while managing to achieve an element of perfection in it’s simplicity; It kinda sounds like if Justin Vernon decided he wanted Bon Iver to be a DIIV tribute act, something he should maybe consider doing given how good this track sounds.

Anything more out of Russia I should know about? Comment!



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