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Mini Dresses

Most submissions we get are flat out inappropriate. The amount of bluegrass and swing bands i’ve triumphantly scoffed at before banishing to the trash makes me question where the hell these people are even finding our email. Are they actually looking at our blog and thinking ‘These guys would appreciate the fact our country band is touring the US right now’? We were blessed with a rare treat in the inbox last night though.

Boston-Via-Austin 2 piece (their words not mine but i wish i’d come up with ‘Boston-via-Austin’) Mini Dresses have just dropped 2 new singles. Their aim is combine contemporary shoegazing sounds with a bunch of jangle bands that i’ve never heard of and whilst I can’t accurately say how well they do this, I will tell you the finished product is an engaging and surprisingly unique listen. The delicate vocals of Lira Mondal swarm around the soundscape, refusing to disperse and creating a heavenly blanket of reverb to cushion the piercingly jangly leads. The guitars create increasingly lush harmonies with the bass as they both evolve and change as the song opens out into its unfolding narrative with a new little lick being thrown into the mix every few bars. By daring to have an inventive take on contemporary Shoegaze’s hyper-derrivative sound, Mini Dresses put themselves in their own lane and the fact they look like they could be rock musics next White Stripes-esque odd couple is also very very cool!

Can we get more submissions like this please? Comment!



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