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In a dream world, more specifically a self-serving dream world that ignores important issues like world peace and starvation in favour of minor cultural changes that improve my enjoyment of public music consumption (It’s not quite the I have a dream speech), instrumental hip-hop would be the jazz of our new age. I don’t have much to support this statement but it’s Sunday and seeing as no one actually reads this blog on Sundays I thought it would be a good time to make claims that I can barely justify, but hear me out no-one! Wouldn’t it be cool if you could just wander into any bar or cafe or wherever the hell jazz actually gets played and there was some dude with an MPC cutting stuff up and really experimenting on it. Then you could have battles like this one and Exile could be like Monk or something. Anyway here’s a dude called RederF who sounds like Knxwledge but with a more diverse sample range which was kinda the reason I wrote this article but who the fuck cares it’s Sunday and i’m basically talking to myself. HAPPY SUNDAY NO-ONE.

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