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Little Death Machine – Hit Me

We got a email about this band quite sometime ago and they’ve been rattling around somewhere in my subconscious ever since. Seeing as today I have about as much energy as (Insert physics joke here) EVERYTHING IS PISSING ME OFF, so it seemed like a great time to pluck that email out of the depths of my inbox to provide a break from 10 pages of mindless Hype Machine fodder.

Little Death Machine are a tornado of mixed imagery and sounds. Looking like the White Stripes in their Cure-listening goth period (I wish that was a real thing), they toy with their dynamics, clashing a twisted mix of dark, industrial suspense and hellfire fuzz licks that skip with a relentless synth-backed bounce. The chorus kinda sounds like Trent Reznor’s bastardised take on Tame Impala’s Elephant eventually cracking under its own weight and giving birth to a wonderfully glitchy anti-solo. LDM are a baffling pastiche that provide a welcome set of unanswered questions about themselves and they definitely leave me craving some answers.

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