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Young Limbs – I Don’t Mind

Achieving musical simplicity is easy right? Strip a song back to a few chords and melody and you’ve got the basis for a nice little slice of 3 minute pop – It’s turning that slice into an engaging rewarding listen that’s the hard part, something that Young Limbs have mastered wonderfully.

On their (debut?) track ‘I don’t mind’, armed with nothing more than metronome steady beat and some lightly strummed chords, these guys have created the ultimate slow dance track for everyone’s indie school disco (i’m almost certain these aren’t a thing but im being optimistic about it). There’s a gentile sincerity in the lyrics and delivery that harks back to the Beach Boys with the child-like simplicity of a sentiment like ‘a lot of people bother me but not you’ providing the main hook. Along with guys like ‘The Magic Gang’, these guys are showing that honest songwriting in a faux-retro form is maybe set for a come-up. Viva la simplicity!

Who are these guys? There’s almost no info on them online! Comment!



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