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You may remember near the start of this blog I did an article moaning about how I didn’t ‘get’ Parquet Courts under the impression that I was being edgy by not liking a buzz band. Well fast forward a few months and, having accidentally been to see them live, I now love them and think very poorly of ‘Will from a few months back’…stupid kid. Anyway when I saw that they had signed a new artist to their Dull Tools label, I was eager not to make the same mistake twice.

Whether or not I like this band is, quite frankly, irrelevant I’m just writing about them early so I get rewarded with thousands of blog-points when they get all buzzy and then I can enter the blog olympics, the blogosphere’s most prestigious event.  In a bizzare twist of fate though, they’re actually really good. Similar to Parquet Courts they favour a more earthy, deep Americana style to their chord progressions and riffs rather than the overly dominant west-coast surf sounds most bands are jacking. Alongside the strong lyrics and fiddly post-punk riffs it’s not hard to see why they’ve found a home in the Parquet Courts camp but manage to provide a different interpretation on this sound to stop them become Courts-Lite but it doesn’t matter really, what’s really important is that I have blogged about them.

Did anyone go to the Parquet Courts show on monday? Comment!



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