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Dead Gaze – Rowdy Jungle

I’m knackered today so I doubt what i’m about to write is even going to come close to getting across quite how great this song is. Infact you might want to just ignore the next few hundred words as it’s just going to be a tangled heap of shit metaphors and inaccurate comparisons. Even this paragraph i’m writing to explain how poorly written this article is is poorly written.

‘Rowdy Jungle’ however is a beautifully well crafted, full-bodied chunk of psychedelic rock that doesn’t even attempt to hide it’s pop ambitions. The bratty vocals are catchy but delivered with enough snarling contempt to give a jagged edge to every bubblegum hook. All of this is wrapped up in a thick wall of fuzzed out guitars and synths but one that ultimately ignores direct shoegazing influences (contrary to what the name might suggest) and instead pays more homage to favorites like the Pixies even going so far as to seemingly reference ‘Where is My Mind’ with the guitar lick at 1:31. Its the perfect combination of pop and chaos and its the most sing along wall of noise i’ve heard since Gross Magic disappeared to god knows where so stop reading this literary disaster and listen to the damn song already.

What actually did happen to Gross Magic? Comment!



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