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Fifty Grand – Join You (The October Demos)

The temptation with this blog is always to just post wild amounts of guitar bands because, if nothing else, it’s easier to find half-good ones. Every now and then though i’ll fight my way through the mass of semi-credible bands i’ve gathered in my self-made, indie pit of shame and come to the surface to seek out something that excites me. Today I found this and I’m exceptionally glad I did.

Fifty Grand has created an EP so emotionally charged with a broodingly melancholy that it almost feels like it should be approached with caution. It’s painted in hauntingly mellow tones that almost feel like a defense mechanism to keep the real sorrow burried deep within the tracks, unobtainable to human ears. It creates a tension that feels like, on any given listen, the tracks could just collapse in on themselves consumed by the weight of their baggage, fitting given the background of these tracks (check her Bandcamp). Overly wordy descriptions aside, it kinda sounds like a more moody Purity Ring, with Warpaint-like vocals scattered sparingly, if at all, throughout the tracks. This meets reverb-drenched 808 manipulation to create something hip hop influenced but with the subtlety of a James Blake production. With these tracks being almost a year old, i’m interested to hear Fifty Grand’s current output because this is exceptional work.

This is haunting right? Comment!



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