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Half my time with this blog is spent deciding whether or not an artist is ‘underground’ enough to post on here so that I still look cutting edge and all that. The other half, apparently, is spent making wild exaggerations about how I spend my time. Sometimes though I love an artist too much to care about any of that and just want to share their music with people and to be honest, that’s when you know you’ve found someone really good.

Jonwayne is a Stones Throw affiliated rapper/producer who has a cool story about how he got his name which I’ve forgotten. If after a quick breeze through this guy’s latest mixtape your head isn’t full of DOOM comparisons then there must be a high chance you don’t know who DOOM is but for all their similarities, Jonwayne’s style does differ. His voice still booms along at a commandingly sluggish pace, seemingly chewing over his lines for an infinity before dropping perfectly weighed punches that are packed full of subtlety acrobatic internal rhyming. The differences come in terms of content; whilst DOOM is undeniably playing a character, Jonwayne seems to deliver lines as himself and whilst there is still bucket loads of the quirky cartoonist surrealism we’ve come to expect from Metal Face, his lines can often reveal something more about the rapper than just that he wrote this note around new years, off a couple of shots and a few beers. Production wise, it varies from dusty sound collages that must be raiding Madlib’s sample bank, to taking on more established beats and making a dream come true for me by taking on ‘Numbers on the Boards’, a ridiculously good beat that deserved more than Pusha on it. Judging from the general reaction to this mixtape, i’m not the only one to be absolutely floored by this guy’s skills and I think when a rapper is this undeniably talented, the cult fanbase is only a matter of time away.

Can someone buy me the cassette, I can’t afford to ship it? Comment!



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