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Punk is dead. Stummer’s dead, John Lydon is having to do butter adverts to keep the lights on and probably wishes he was dead and these days Henry Rollins and his preachy one-man-show bullshit are about as punk as Noddy Holder. Of course I don’t actually believe punk is dead (I just needed a snappy way to start this article),instead these days you can expect to see punk lurking in the underground and probably exists more in terms of ethos than sound.

I forget where I was going with that rant but Breedlings sound pretty fucking punk. Borrowing more from the melodic gloom of early 80’s post-punk bands and mixing that with early Discord emo, they create something which as well being played with the teenage angst being rammed all the way up, has an emotional tenderness that gives every chord chance a searing intensity. Its hard to see where a band like this fits into the current musical landscape but if they can give these songs the explosive live show they deserve, they could become a really impressive act – they’re punk as fuck after all.

Henry Rollins is a bit of an asshole really isn’t he? Comment!



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