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Nai Harvest

The best thing about emo-leaning bands is the level of unfaltering ‘sing-every-word’ loyalty that they generate from the groups of sweaty 20-something year old fans they cultivate. It’s this kind of deep rooted fandom that makes their live shows a true experience and has made it all the more painful for me that most of the emo bands I love are firmly planted in America. This meant I was as much annoyed at myself as I was delighted that I had found a perfect UK band sitting under my nose this whole time.

Nai Harvest are a 2-piece from Sheffield who apparently “stole the show” at the recent Art Is Hard all dayer that I had the misfortune of not being able to attend even though I had a ticket. Combining everything I’d want from a band like this, twinkly riffs, drums that explode into a hundred different riffs a song and a cuttingly sincere vocal delivery, Nai Harvest manage to bring a unique dynamic to the expected paradigm with the two-piece element. The lack of bass provides them with a chaotic fluidity that can see the tracks ascend into a tornado of near-noise when they need to but at the same time are completely locked into one another. They kinda sound like a more twinkly Japandroids or American Football if they got drunk and misplaced half their members. This band will no doubt turn me into a dedicated fan and the best thing about them is that I will actually be able to see them live. Joy.

Who was at the AIH thing? Comment!



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