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Theo Verney – Count It Up

Right, I’ve been putting it off for an unforgivably long time but here we go, I’m about to wade out into the stanky bog of music blogging once more albeit in the usual haphazard manner. I’ve got an insanely busy weekend so I’ve got to try write 4 articles today which will no doubt gradually decrease in quality until the last one is just a Soundcloud note and a series of curse words. That one will be by far my favorite to write.

Anyway, artist no. 1 is Theo Verney, Brighton’s premier provider of melodically charged, scuzzy garage romps. ‘Count it Up’ is a predictably speedy minute and a half charge that manages to contain, alongside its fuzzy barrage, enough dynamic variation to result in a tasteful composition; the song has a maturity and longevity beyond alot of it’s lo-fi contemporaries which tend to favour momentary explosiveness rather than memorable song writing, a quality which is further boosted by the inclusion of some twinkly clean guitar tones which sound refreshingly unfamiliar alongside the ‘Raw-Power’ chaos that’s occurring elsewhere. This whole package is wrapped up in some deceptively glossy production, that breathes life into this format while maintaining the youthful torrent of rage that drives this whole sound; Maybe then, Theo Verney’s music is 2 minute garage pop, all grown up. Or maybe it isn’t and I just needed a vaguely catchy way to end this piece, I’ll let you judge.

Did you miss me? Actually dont answer that. Comment.



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