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Dig – Sometimes

I think a lot of bands are almost scared to do slower songs and to be honest I can see why. A certain amount of speedy adrenaline-fueled bombast can often make any old composition sound powerful and charged with generation angst and if nothing else can just at least be written off as ‘punk’. When you really slow things down though, everything becomes clearer for the listener and it’s at that point that a song can really be judged for what it is.

London band ‘Dig’ have sauntered onto the scene with a song that could actually be described as ‘mellow’; a very brave move. With a hint of soul thats absent from, well, nearly all indie bands, Dig pepper a simple four chord pattern with sultry vocals and wildly unhinged guitar licks. It’s a simple recipe but by slowing everything down, Dig allow each element of the composition to breathe, making for an expansively engaging composition that sounds instantly timeless in it’s restraint. Although there’s no real hint of Malkmus’ genius/insanity, Pavement are one of the few acts i can think of that sounded like they had so much more to offer when the tempo drops. I’m sure Dig will fuck me over by releasing a 1 minute Ramones-indebted punk explosion and in doing so will effectively moot this entire article but hey, as long as it’s as good as this then I’m not complaining.

You like it slow? Yeah you do! Comment!



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