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Before I continue any further into this sketchily constructed write-up I feel the need to tell you that I have spent all morning listening to Danny Brown’s new album and if you don’t immediately begin streaming it then I forbid you to read any further down the page. Yeah that’s right, FORBID.

If you’re reading this now I can only hope you’ve been listening to an obscene amount of Danny Brown (or you’re a cheat and you spend your nights fighting with your guilty conscious). You’re reward is this great new track from Oxford based (USA Oxford) one-man mega project ILLLS. It’s a surprisingly glossy affair when held up next to the usual stomach-churningly lo-fi stuff you get rumbling round these parts but it’s a thoughtfully constructed composition that’s deserving of a high production value and still maintains an element of gloopy experimentalism. It manages to combine shimmering guitars and subtle synth work with heavy hitting guitars in something that feels simultaneously raw and at the same time euphorically polished, a bit like a grungy editors. I Dig.

If you’re reading this ILLLS sorry for spending half of this article talking about Danny Brown. We still pals? Comment!



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