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Trust Fund

It was inevitable that I was going to write about Trust Fund. Around a select population that I follow (maybe stalk is more appropriate) Trust Fund have been omnipresent and between their (unfortunately) cancelled tour with Joanna Gruesome and their EP coming out on my new favourite money pit, Reeks of Effort, they were always going to get a listen.

It’s a mostly gentle experience, with the songs revealing themselves as shivering confessionals, the emotional honesty here being even more cuttingly raw as the no-frills production suggests. Its melodically dense and yet surprising in it’s choices. Avoiding the increasingly tired, floaty vocal style, Trust Fund favour something more direct in it’s delivery and alongside the sharp guitar leads that puncture the EP from time to time, carve out a darkly catchy listen, often harking back to Roman Candle era Elliot Smith. There’s even a bit of a Neutral Milk Hotel style anthem in the form of We’ll Both Appologise with it’s lyrical narrative and simple chord progression. Obviously it lacks the extremely esoteric content of anything of ‘In The Aeroplane…’, but there’s still an eccentric whimsy through the words that elevate the song to something slightly out of the realms of reality. There’s a lot of risks taken on this EP and it’s the combination of these challenging aspects with a singular vision and focus that really ties it all together and makes this EP something of a gem.

Thanks for not shutting up about Trust Fund everyone! Comment!



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